wild flower

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Wild Flower……

“But father I love him!” said Tallulah, which means running water, and ran out of the

tepee. Tallulah ran and ran not seeing the way. Tears were coming from her big brown eyes,

passing soft pink cheeks, falling to the ground. She knew that she will never see her father

again. There was love in her heart for him however the other feeling took over. Tallulah fell on

the ground where green soft grass welcomed her beautiful small body that was gasping for air.

Silk long black as a wing of a raven, hair were all over the face trying to dry the tears that were

not stopping.

Now Tallulah felt free. Free to do whatever she wished however the only thing she

wanted was his love. The love that she met six months ago in the woods, while collecting berries

for her family. It was love at first sight. Tallulah remembered that day like it was yesterday.

His big blue eyes showed unlimited skies and ocean waves. Red hair endlessly played games

with the sun. The lips, color of red wild flowers, spoke sweet words that melted in the air. Light

skin was soft and warm to touch covered big built body that brought Tallulah security and took

fears away. His name was Brendan, Brendan Smith.

Brendan was a soldier that came from Ireland with his father looking for better being.

At his eighteen Brendan knew the rules of life. Even as a soldier it was hard for him to accept

the war and deaths of many innocent people. Brendan got used to seeing Indian people moved by

force from one place to the other. He put himself in their position and imagined what kind of

suffering they are going through but it was not in his power to change anything, to stop the war.

* * *

“Oh Lord, what a beautiful flower you grew on this earth,” said Brendan looking at

Tallulah. She Looked at him and was about to run away but her legs did not listen. “Do not

worry I would not heart you. Just tell me your name.” no answer.

“Fine, don’t say a word; just let me look at you. Let me look into your brown eyes. Oh,

they are so pure, I think I am getting lost in them.” Tallulah smiled. “Your smile is full of joy

and innocence,” Tallulah looked down and her cheeks became red.
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