what kind of person becomes a killer?

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What is the scariest thing that makes people terrifying? The answer is totally different individually. However, if someone takes the time to think deeply and confront our society today, the answer would be the human. People commonly hear about murderers through the media, so many people live in a horror and find it dreadful to come out of house. “We have met the enemy, and his is us” (Walt Kelly, Pogo). Like this, murder is a terrible part of today’s world. From now on, people need to know what kind of person specifically become a murder and the reasons why. There are three factors that include development disorder factors that effect to the murderer depending on atmosphere of the family. Also, specific emotions can make people kill other people like psychopath. Last factor is a spiritual that is the main root for this problem. Development disorder, specific emotions and spiritual factors contribute to someone becoming a killer.
It can start as a development disorder in someone’s childhood. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), the biggest cause of this disorder comes down to how their family acts. This is a very important and strong factor because the killers were not born killers. The environment and their atmosphere of the family and divorce rates make it more difficult for children to have good role models. Children tend to learn from what they see and hear, so the way parents treat their children can be crucial to their development. For example, when a boy named Anatoly Onoprienko’s mom died, he was neglected by his family and was put in an orphanage. He used to live hard time. Thus, he developed hatred for other people’s family and he murdered forty-three people in six months. People were very shocked ...

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