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After elaborating on state institutions and governance as one of the causes that leads to civil war, I will now focus on a more detailed but prevalent cause of civil war, which is the ethnic diversity. Ethnic diversity falls under the grievance explanation. The grievance explanation identifies dissatisfaction and frustration as the main motivation for conflict. Based on grievance, seeking for justice is the main cause of civil wars. Many states have ethnic diversity which creates this sense of injustice and encourages groups to use violent means. Social orders compose themselves along numerous distinctive lines - class, political belief system, religion, and ethnicity, yet when social orders go to war it is for the most part between groups characterized by ethnicity. Since 1946 sixty four percent of all civil wars were because of ethnic diversity (Walter 199). Any discourse of ethnic clash requires genuine regard to define an 'ethnic group'. Researchers have characterized "ethnicity" in different courses, for example, using the qualities of a gathering, its social connection, or the lenses utilized by outer examiners to characterize a group (Walter 200). Moreover, ethnicity is related to culture and includes people relating to one another based on mutual attributes, for example, appearance, dialect, religion, or customs. Ethnicity tends to be more stable and identifiable than other forms of non-ethic memberships. Conflicts are more likely to happen because of ethnicity since ethnic groups are more likely to be distressed, and more likely to face hard challenges contrasted with other groups. The principal wave of civil war focuses intensely on group grievances as the primary driver of civil war. Groups are more inclined to revolt o...

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.... We also saw that in the event of a civil war starting, it is more likely to start by an ethnic group because of ethnic diversity, than any other group. This happens because ethnic groups are more likely to be discriminated and not treated equally, and this results in grievance. I believe that living in the twenty first century there should be other ways in solving disagreements rather than letting our loved ones lose their lives in such morbid and justifiable ways. Even when civil wars end there will always be one unsatisfied side, wars will never solve the whole conflict. There are always other alternatives people just have to embrace them. States should provide its citizens stability, security, and respect for the basic human rights, because only then civil wars will stop. People should help each other and their country and not go to war with one another.
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