war vs belief

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In my life I attained more knowledge about war, from a book that is not traditionally used in educational institutions – the bible. Throughout this book there are events that would enter into that category; even though the Ten Commandments opposes it. During the Old Testament more battles were taken place for a particular cause. My personal belief against war stands on the foundation of thou shalt not kill, and loving thy neighbor no matter the circumstances (David and Barash, 2014, 390). Those were the words that I have heard practically all my life, because Jesus gave those instructions for his people. Even though these laws were present in the Old and New Testament, surprisingly killings still happened. In today’s current news, wars have become a social norm instead of an obscene situation. Due to that, the ethical value of a human life has not been restored to what it is supposed to be. Nation states are endlessly fighting with each other, but not focusing on tackling the negative effects from war. Although there are different religions in the world, I believe a solution that can implement negative peace would be beneficial. As a follower of Christ my faith holds importance to me, and if a religious leader were to state the facts based on my values on how we can eliminate war I would listen. Unfortunately not every nation-state is willing to listen, because of their internal and external problems are not solved yet. Holding a conference by inviting twenty five nation states with the most global conflicts would allow them to properly address their sides (David and Barash 2014, 323-324). On regular terms, nation-states are very hasty to declare war on each other each other instead of finding an alternative. That negative drive... ... middle of paper ... .... An example would be Israel; historically their nation-state was considered the promise land. This is the land that had God’s “chosen people”, why is it that they were at war with Palestine when this goes against the laws of the Lord? People need to be reminded that they should not engage in the killings of another person’s life. Unfortunately, not all of the wars in the world can be eradicated, but the effort to reduce the immorality can be achieved. This movement has the ability to target various audiences that do not have to be religious or have a belief. These people chance to listen to the issues of what war has done to the world, the malpractice of ethical values, disobedience to God, the budget of the military and other related things. The world needs of remembrance of the natural order of treating others should be. (Word Count: 1,146)
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