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Throughout history there has always been a hierarchy between men and women. Men always seemed to have the upper hand and were the ones with all of the power. There was always a power struggle between men and women. Women went from having almost no rights to being able to vote, have an education, and work in the same place men do. I find it fascinating how women have come so far however; I still feel that there is still a ways to come terms of equality. Media can play a role in reinforcing certain stereotypes about men and women; this contributes to the pressures men of how men and women feel they should act in society. Some may argue that there is a male crisis in society however; I believe that women are entitled to equal rights and the same opportunities as men. Looking back on earlier history when women had no rights it appears that there have been drastic changes since then. The traditional view of men and women is changing which is not causing a male crisis instead it is benefitting society. One of the groups that I celebrate fights to eliminate sexism and the stereotypes within society is a profeminist movement known as the National Organization for Men Against Sexism. This movement in compared to the other male movements focuses on sexism and making other males aware of the stereotypes and societal views of women. After watching Tough Guise 2, it is evident that there are many pressures that men face in ways in which they should behave. The pressures are so high that if men do not follow these pressures lead them to become outcasts within peers and even their family. I applaud the people in NOMAS that are able to stand out and expand men’s awareness of sexism. Some of their goals are “To sponsor workshops to expand men’s ... ... middle of paper ... ...en in the media is men acting aggressive. This aggression is a common stereotype in that men are aggressive; this stereotype partly has truth to it because the media has such an influence on people. Tough Guise 2 portrays this that boys are taught from a young age how to act such as not showing emotions except for anger. In Tough Guise 2, men put on a persona to show that they are tough because they don’t want to be referred to as “bitch” or “pussy” because that to them takes away their masculinity. It is taught through media and movies that real men go to violence to win and attain respect and credibility while also acting fearless and aggressive. Men are constantly exposed to images of how they should look which are completely unrealistic. For example, GiJo’s muscles got bigger and bigger as the years went on which was portrayed that real men are big and strong.
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