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Vegan? What I could never give up my large chick fil a milk shake or 5 guys burger! These thoughts may be floating around in your mind and if you don’t know what vegans means you may just be thinking of stoping at chick~fil~a. Basically a vegan doesn't consume any by product of animals. That includes meat, fish, diary, and poultry. Some take it a step further and don’t by products tested on animals and of course so fur or snake skins. You might think It’s a crazy way to live but once you learn how it reduces pollution, benefits your health, and helps tortured animal you may just become one your self. Being vegan also also reduces pollution in many ways. Having a vegan lifestyle will reduce the methane/ nitrous oxide. This production of gases comes from cows and sheep which account for thirty seven percent of the total methane. Thats twenty three times more than all human activity produces. It also reduces the amount of water wasted. It takes about 13,000 to 100,000 liters of water to produce two point two pounds of beef but only 1,000 to 2,000 liters for two point two pounds of wheat. Another issue is the manure or waste water containing manure that come from factory farms do extreme damage to river and stream ecosystems. Farmed animals produce 130 times as much feces as the entire United States human population. Unlike cities that have sewage systems factory farms do not which so it ends up polluting waters, destroying top soil, and contaminating the air we rely on to breathe. Also the production of meat requires up to three times as many resources as the production of plant foods which leads to even more harm done to the earth through pollution and global warming. Veganism is also extremely beneficial to ... ... middle of paper ... ...rease egg production hens are starved to force them to lay any eggs. As you can see being vegan is beneficial to animals, the environment and your health. Being vegan for just part of the day is still very beneficial. It may be hard at first to transition but soon it will just become part of you and you’ll feel relieved that you can go to bed knowing no animal endured any pain for me to satisfied for a couple of minutes. You’ll see you weight drop and your happiness grow. If you get blood work before and after about a month of a vegan lifestyle take notice of the large drop in numbers. If you choose to embark on the journey of changing your life by starting from within the outside of your body will show it. This won’t happen over night but change takes time and if you just try your changing the lives of animals and other humans because of reducing the pollut

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