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Best Surprise Ever Yay! I roared when my parents affirmed that we were going on a road trip. I thought we were going somewhere close like we usually do, and honestly I wasn’t excited at all. Until my brother asked where we are going and my mom responded "We going to California for Spring Break." My first reaction was "Yes! That means us going on an airplane right mom?" "No, we actually driving up there and we leaving in two weeks" my dad said. It wasn’t what I expected but I was really excited because we never been to California and on TV it looked like a fun state with a lot of things to explore. It was Monday morning before leaving to school when my mom told my brother and me that she wanted our suitcases before Friday night because we were leaving Saturday morning. I was really excited that I was even counting the days for us to leave. Friday night came and I could even sleep because I wanted to be ready for when my parents would say we were leaving. I was just rolling and rolling around bed all night until I felt to sleep and it seem like a thirty minute nap when my parents woke me up. It was four am when we got the suitcase in the truck and a big cooler with drinks and food so we wouldn't stop every time we were hungry, and our road trip began me guess I was really excited that I sleep almost the entire day. When we were entering New Mexico there was still snow around so my parents decide to stop for a while to take a break and so we could enjoy the snow, my brother and I was really excited because we had never experience being in the snow, so we started doing snowman, snow angels and so on it was so much fun. My dad was exploring around the area when he found a little cave he couldn’t see anything , so he got a tree branc... ... middle of paper ... at this Mexican restaurant which was delicious. My uncle, aunt and my parents catch up while my cousins, my brother and I looked back at all the pictures our parents had taken and we were talking about the rides and how much fun we had. As the night continues, we said goodbye to each other’s, we did know when we were going to see each other’s again. We got to the hotel and we rested. It sure was a successful day. The next day we got up and got our stuff ready to go back to Texas after a whole week of being in California. On our way back I was anxious to get back home so I could tell my friends about what I saw in Disney and in California and also to rest in my comfy bed. To this day I still remember that day like if it was yesterday and it’s been about 10 years since my parents took us, and personally it has been one of the best vacations we had taken.
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