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Alongside Moore’s use of V as the main character in V for Vendetta, Moore uses a Guy Fawkes mask to disguise V’s identity. Throughout the novel, this Guy Fawkes mask becomes a symbol of rebellion against tyranny. Moore includes a crucial quote in V for Vendetta that shows his intention for the Guy Fawkes mask to exist as a major symbol throughout the novel. Moore states, “Behind this mask there is more than just flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea... and ideas are bulletproof” (Moore 83). This quote speaks volumes about Moore’s idea to use this mask to help set the stage for what is to come by the main character, V. V, at first unintentionally, creates a huge brand with his Guy Fawkes mask. The mask eventually becomes a crucial aspect of the novel. From near the beginning of V for Vendetta when all the chaos begins and all the way through the novel, citizens of England wear the Guy Fawkes mask on different occasions. This trademark with the Guy Fawkes mask begins after V’s first attack. Near the conclusion of the first attack, V uses the Guy Fawkes mask to disguise himself by way of putting the mask on all of the victims who end up being held against their will (Moore 13). This event with the mask sets the stage for how big a role the mask will play in the novel. Because V puts the mask on so many innocent people and law enforcement is not aware of this, one person gets shot and seriously injured by the police all because the Mask is what defines V and if they see anyone wearing the mask they know that action is necessary. Near the end of the novel, the mask has yet again displayed the power behind its connotation. A large number of England's citizens gather in what is presumably their city square, all wearing the Guy Fawke... ... middle of paper ... ...mes the main idea of the book. Vengeance is ultimately obtained for the people of England and they now presumably have all of the freedom that they have dreamt of throughout V for Vendetta. V for Vendetta provides its audience with a new perspective of how a government full of corruption will affect a country and its people. This whole idea of pointing out the issues in V for Vendetta accurately portrays the entire book. All of the issues in the novel are essentially what form the story behind V for Vendetta. These issues ultimately design the vast majority of the plot of the novel and these problems are greatly relatable to many issues the world has today. V for Vendetta portrays privacy issues of a country’s people that are contrastable to many current issues, while the novel also portrays a government filled with anarchy comparable to what is commonly seen today.

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