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Flyboys: A True Story of Courage is a 464 pg. non-fiction book by author James Bradly. I believe the title is pretty self-explanatory as the book is about men in the armed forces whom had to show great courage in times of war and was chosen as how "flyboy" is a name for a pilot.
The book Flyboys follows the story of US Navy pilots Jimmy Dye, Floyd Hall, Merve Mershon, Warren Earl Vaughn, Dick Woellhof, Grady York, Glenn Frazier, and Warren Hindenlang. Bradley starts off the book by giving background stories of several of the men whom had aspired to enlist in the Navy and eventually came to it. The book then transitions to the main story; the year is 1945 and the US is at war with the Japanese during WW2. US warplanes are bombing small communication outposts on Chichi Jimam, not showing much concern for how difficult of a battle they're setting up for themselves as ChiChi's geography included hilly terrains and unsuitable coasts aswell as an armed force of 25,000 men. Because of these odds, US pilots were sent in to neutralize ChiChi's defenses. Of these aviators, 9 men survived af...
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