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Usain Bolt
How fast can one man be? Usain Bolt is the most naturally talented athlete in the world. Bolt made his dreams come true by winning three gold medals and also breaking three world records at the 2008 olympics in Beijing. Also at the 2008 Olympics Bolt became the first man to win both 100 and 200 and beat the worlds records. Nothing interfered with Bolt because at the 2012 Olympics in London Usain Bolt beat all three of his records again. Bolts time in the 100 meter dash is an unbelievable 9.87secs, his 200 meter dash is at an 19.19secs and lastly his 4x1 team ran their relay at a 37.31secs. Usain is one of the biggest names on the track and is looking to keep that title in the next Olympics.
Usain Bolt was born August 21, 1986 in Jamaica. Bolts parents owned a grocery store with help from Usain, his brother and sister. Since a young age Bolt has been obsessed with sports, mainly football and cricket. All Bolt ever thought about was sports, sports and sports. He went to Waldesina Primary and all age School and William Knibb High School. When he was attending Waldesina Primary he was running at regional races. By the time he turned 12 he was the fastest runner in the whole area. Usains cricket coach was right to tell him to be a track athlete. In 2001 Bolt was about 14 years old and he won his first silver medal running a 22.04secs at a high school state championships. Knowing he was a gifted sprinter he never thought he would become the fastest man in the world.
Bolt then attended the CARIFTA 2001 games receiving a silver in the 400 meter dash running a 48.3secs, he also ran a 21.08 in the 200 meter dash and received another silver medal. Usain Bolt went to another competition at a young age the 2001 ...

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Bolt has said: “I was made to inspire people and to run. I know I am clean. So I’m just going to continue running, using my talent and trying to improve the sport and help the sport.” Usain Bolt has been the name on the track since 2008 and hopes to continue with it. He is a legend. Sadly Bolt said that he will be retiring after the 2016 Olympics in Rio. Bolt has said he doesn’t want to coach or have anything to do with politics, but that it would be nice to start a family and have kids of his own. Usain Bolt is a huge inspiration to many younger teens and will always be. He is proud of himself and his teammates. People never thought a 6 foot 5 built like Usain Bolt is would be able to be a world champ in sprinting events, but that just show anything is possible. Easily Usain Bolt is the most naturally gifted athlete in the world and will always be.
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