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Last year we had guests, our friends from New Jersey came to spend the New year with us and it was fun, they were supposed to leave on Tuesday but somehow we convinced them to change their flight to Wednesday .I’ve been meaning to visit the Universal Studios since we moved to Los Angeles but somehow it hadn’t happened so I convinced the whole crew and off we went to the Universal Studios. It's called Wonderland and we were waiting outside the studio as we reached before the time. I could sense it was going to be an eventful day. There was a huge crowd waiting eagerly for gates to open. I looked at my watch again and realized that it was only five minutes left. Car owners were struggling to find parking place, here and there horns were pressed in irritation and few fists shaken in the air. There were numerous numbers of foreigners who were taking pictures of every single thing. Young and old couples were smiling. As the clock struck 9, doors began to open. The crowd was pouring into the studio, it seems like a surge of humans as they moved like a river released. The current was fast. There was pushing and shoving and gentle nudges to move people faster. There were also irritated voices of protecting against being pushed followed by apologies. We paid the obliged charge at the passage (I've disregarded the extent to which we paid), the fellows grabbed the bill. We chose to stroll around the spot first before picking the rides to go on. Our first stop was Revenge of the mummy, I would refer this as one of the most entertainment but scary ride of my life. The individuals on it were shouting and we pondered what they were shouting about. One of our companions was persuaded it couldn't be that awful recognizing they had been on a more c... ... middle of paper ... ... smart waiter at the door greets his patrons with a toothy smile and takes them to their table. It was a busy place as Americans eat with great passion and certainly more than they need to. I think they believe that it is a harmless past time actually. Any harm they do is to themself through clogging up their arteries with cholesterol. The restaurant seems quite good; there were numerous numbers of cousins available. Soon our orders appear; larges pieces of chicken, red-hot and steaming along with some rice, couple of chicken steak and sandwiches and few drinks. After reaching home I felt the tiredness, luckily the next day was public holiday or I would have to suffer.
For me it was fun, insane fun, remembering my youth, enjoying all day with my relatives and companions. Well all these moment will never return back but the memories will always remain in our hearts.

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