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According to a recent study conducted by the FBI, in the US, it is estimated that there has been four hundred serial killers with anywhere from two thousand five hundred and twenty-six to three thousand eight hundred and six hundred and sixty. And although it is suggested that there may be anywhere from fifty to three hundred serial killers active at the same time – there is no real evidence that can support this theory, 80% of the 400 serial killers in the past century emerged since 1950. There is also two ways one could classify serial killer either a) motive or b) organizational and social patterns. There are; however, differentiates between a serial killer to other types of murderers, our current understanding of why people engage in serial murder is neglect and and/or abuse that happened as a child – there is also a possibility a head injury could also be responsible. Even though serial murder does occur it contributes to >1% of murders at any given year. To stop serial killers from causing more harm on society and in prison we must, Can they be cured? If not, can we call them “evil”? Why?
There are also numerous groups and subgroups of serial killers, for example, “according to Holmes typology, serial killers can be act-focused (who kill quickly), or process-focused (who kill slowly). For act-focused killers, killing is simply about the act itself. Within this group, there are two different types: the visionary and the missionary. The visionary murders because he hears voices or has visions that direct him to do so. The missionary murders because he believes that he is meant to get rid of a particular group of people.” Because serial killers murder victims in a sacramental way, it can demonstrate a low IQ – thus it appear...

... middle of paper ... murder, therefore there is no reason to commit serial murder at all. But, because of not telling anyone of his compulsions of murder and necrophilia starting at the age of fourteen, this, may of ultimately led Dahmer down this road.
Like Gacy, Dahmer had a previous record, which led to “an arrest in October 1981 for disorderly conduct.” However; unlike Gacy, Dahmer’s Father cared for his son enough to send him “to live with his grandmother in Wisconsin, but the [problems with alcohol persisted].”
It seems as if serial killers may all have a prior record, even though it is irrational to lock up anyone with a prior on the merits that they may commit serial murder, this possible link should be studied.

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