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Trying to explain the common cause for a phenomenon is not easy, especially when it comes to admitting that you crave horror movies. I have to admit I don’t crave to see such films. The blood and gruesome scenes in these movies are not to my appeal. However, I am a very curious person and thought the article might be interesting to read. His opening statement really caught my attention. “I think that we are all mentally ill.” (King 405) Did he really say we are all crazy? As I read through this controversial article I slowly begin to realize that Stephen King knows not everyone craves horror movies and he respects that. That is why the article is written with three perspectives in mind. If you read carefully he lays the basic foundations for the people who like it, then he goes into detail for the people who crave it, and he also acknowledges the people who don’t like it. He’s not trying to say we all crave horror films, or that we’re all crazy. He’s trying to say we all share the same emotions that can push us to the limit of being mentally ill and insane. After reading “why we crave horror movies” by Stephen King I understood he had a strong argument behind the reasons why we act the way we act and I agree with his argument. I believe he does a magnificent job proving his point through practical wisdom, logic, and humor. His ethos gives him credibility on the subject and his writing technique ties it all in giving us a balanced article. In order to understand the article we must use our two track mind and be conscious of who his audience is in this particular essay.
I want to begin with the author's ethos on the subject. Stephen King is internationally known as one of the best horror novelists there is. Through his books he ha...

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...tself is not funny, the funny part is that it was originally told by a 10 year old. Now that’s not funny either is it? But, it kind of is because King proves his point. No matter how hard you try to hide your true emotions they always come out. You can be 10 or 100 years old, these emotions are a part of us.
In conclusion Stephen King does a magnificent job giving us an insight on this complicated argument. Like fine dining he serves his audience an appetizer (a controversial title to catch our attention), a salad (The basic foundations supported by practical wisdom), the main course (his thesis explained in detail through practical wisdom and logic), and desert (his use of humor) Whether you like horror, crave horror, or don’t care for it, this article leaves you with a good understanding behind each reason. It’s just a matter of reading it with an open mind.