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Socialmatic – A camera that has built in android tablet What does it do? How would you use it? Tell us some scenarios? The Socialmatic is a new android device that will come out later in this year! It is a square shaped device that allows users to take high quality photos that are able to be printed out on polaroids or shared to any social networking site. I would personally use the Socialmatic to take nearly all of my photos due to its easy use and its ability to easily upload to Facebook and Instagram as well as its built in tablet functionality’s. For example lets say that you are about to go on holiday rather than bringing a big SLR camera you could just bring a Socialmatic! Its ease of use would allow you to instantly upload your snaps to Facebook or Instagram and even allow you to tweet them. This would also bypasses the need to have to copy the photos over to your computer and then uploading them. Not only that but you also have the ability to print your favourite photos on the spot! Briefly outline the devices interesting hardware. In what way is the hardware novel, in what way is it different, interesting or how does it revolutionise the device? If information is not publically available you can write about what you think – suitably justified. Due to HTML5's robust capabilities and cross platform flexibility, it may quickly become the preferred development environment for mobile apps and services. Developers are able to do essentially anything to the OS to suit their needs because the Tizen foundation does not hold strict control over the software unlike android. The Tizen SDK and API allow developers to use HTML5 and related web technologies to write applications that run across multiple device segments. For example, zoo... ... middle of paper ... ...le. An appointment, a task at work or a group assignment if you are a student can be shared. You get a 7GB of free storage if you have a Microsoft account. It is one of the world’s most secured networking device. You control who can edit and access your files when you share a document over the internet. These users with whom you are sharing the files do not need an account. All you need to give them is the link. By Using Web applications, it allows several people to edit the file, provided that the user gives them the right permission. It is also a good networking device as it help the user to backup their important files to the database, just in case it gets lost. However, it is advised to have another backup for additional back-ups. In some case where the user forgot his computer at home, he may access his important file in the company’s pc via OneDrive.
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