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My mission is to find out which of three trucks has the best after-market potential. This paragraph describes the aftermarket availability of the 2003 Dodge Ram 2500 HD 4X2. This truck does have (Variable Wheel Drive) which means that you can put the truck in either two or four wheel drive modes. It also comes with either an Automatic or manual Transmission options. The stock engine is a 5.9L 24 valve Cummins in-line six. Over all this diesel engine is very reliable. It has many aftermarket exhaust and intake/Induction options as well as upgradeable internal and external parts. The stock chassis options can be offered as off-road, 4X4, 4X2, and two wheels (drive which is rear wheel drive). You can buy aftermarket lift kits, lowering kits, leveling kits, steering stabilizer kits, and ladder/traction bar kits. The items mentioned above are made by many different manufactures. This truck has many stock and aftermarket options as does the 2006 model year. This paragraph describes the after-market availability of the 2006 Dodge Ram 2500HD 4X4. This truck does not have (variable wheel driv...

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