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What are negative impacts associated with Internet on brand loyalty in the hotel industry? One of the challenges the hospitality industry facing is the customer loyalty (Kenchington, 2001), it is important to find a way to keep customers satisfied and coming back. As the number of Internet users is increasing, the customers’ perspective on the hotel industry can be affected. Internet provide a rating system to let the users to give reviews and evaluate the service level of hotel industry, and those online content is consider highly credible (Seth, 2012). Some social networking sites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook, and Twitter give customers a chance to give feedbacks on the hotel industry. If a guest writes a review and share their experience on the Internet, others users that see those comments will likely to be affected (Seth, 2012). Another social media and communication tool that has become popular is the blogging, the travel and tourism Industry is faced with effect of positive impacts and negative impacts from blogging if it doesn’t managed properly (Seth, 2012). Many industries are trying to use Internet to control their hotels’ online reputation, when a negative review is posted; it is too late to get control and change it (Barsky, 2012). One negative impact on Internet is the word of mouth, “Social media has changed that proverb overnight as the “word of million mouths” (Khan, 2012). Internet is a worldwide networking, there is no verification of who is posting those reviews, and no rules for the what kind of reviews can be post, it can be positive or negative. Therefore, this makes an open door for anybody, including competitors to post negative reviews on your industry (Khan, 2012). ... ... middle of paper ... ... build up relationship to improve the guests’ experience (Miller, 2004). Research found that vendors that offer several of products can reduce the inconvenience to customers, and this can strengthen the customer loyalty. Therefore, hotels should offer more choices to customers on Internet; because it will let the customers choose the one that they like (Miller, 2004). Hotel should design their website page to icon the image that they want to be in the market; it should be more than just a description of the hotel. Also, hotels should keep the website updated, so customers can see newest information about the hotel (Miller, 2004). To earn the trust from consumers, hotels need to have a security system to secure customers data. When the guests gain the trust on the hotel, they will come back in the future and become loyal to the brand (Miller, 2004).

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