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Brand Awareness influence Consumer’s Booking decisions
Brand awareness is the people’s impression of the brand. Awareness is one of the values in brand equity, which it is the key determinant identified (Fayrene and Lee, 2011). One of the strategies to build brand awareness is to advertising, which it helps to increase the brand recognition (Brown and Hoyer, 1990). As many hotels have build up their brand awareness in the industry, it will increase the probabilities of brand choices for consumers. For example, people who are traveling and looking for a hotel would have many different hotel choice to make, but people would choose a hotel that is more popular or they have hear the most, because they would think that the hotel much better. According to Steven P. Brown (1990), he stated that consumers might choose brand on the basis of simple heuristic to evaluate the brand and consider the purchase (Brown and Hoyer, 1990). People will choose a hotel for their staying because of the popularity of hotel brand. For example, if there is a communication between people about Hotel X and Hotel Y, but Hotel X has appear the most in the conversion, people said the Hotel X has many different good facilities and the services are much better than Hotel Y, That can lead to people will choose Hotel X rather than Hotel Y, because it sounds like Hotel X is better known and it must be more popular and probably better. When consumers has know nothing about hotel, then they would probably choose the hotel with the most brand awareness in the industry to make their buying decision.
There are two leveling blocking factor consist with awareness according to Brown (1990), which are awareness condition and no awareness condition (Brown and Hoyer, 1990). A...

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...tion to how customers are responding. For example, if a guest complains the hotel service, the manager of the hotel must respond to the issue quickly. The second thing that hotel can do to maintain or improve the brand awareness is to contact or keep in touch with potential and loyalty customers. For example, the hotel can send electronic birthday card to the loyalty guest when it is his/her birthday. It can recall the guest of the hotel brand. For potential customers, hotel can promote their hotel by using the Internet. For example, people who take a photo of the hotel and post it on the Facebook page can get discount. This can build up the brand recognition of the brand through the Internet. For hotel to build up brand awareness in the industry is important, but to maintain or improve the brand awareness can lead to become a more successful hotel in the industry.
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