trash in the ocean

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Trash in the Ocean
The reason why I chose this topic was because I don’t like seeing trash in the oceans, lakes or ponds just anything. It’s annoying how people don’t know how to take care for stuff. Especially that other people see it not just one or two people but thousands of people see it. When people see that there’s trash all around the area there not going to want to go back to that ocean or that part that they went to because they see that it’s all trashy there and it’s not healthy for humans and the ocean. I just don’t like seeing trash anywhere just all over the place I think it’s gross. So I want to talk about this because I don’t like it and I think it’s a good subject to talk about.
What we should do about it is put a lot of trash cans by the ocean. Having all this trash in the ocean really is unnecessary. We could possible make a big net and tie it on a helicopter and pick up the trash like that. People can die by having all this trash in the ocean. I just don’t understand why people don’t care where there trash goes so they put it where ever they want. We can probably not allow any food or drink or bags get on the beach unless its items that people need. It’s just so hard to try to keep it clean because everyone doesn’t care about their trash. If anybody doesn’t pick up their trash, nobody is going to pick up their trash. People think because there’s trash flying around the beach that it’s ok for their trash to fly around also. If someone lets a plastic bag fly and hits a baby in the face what is that person going to do? It’s dangerous that trash is out there just like nothing. We as individuals can also stop it by telling our friends and family. If anyone sees trash by them they should take it out. Just don’t ...

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...ic and get ill from it. All this trash can kill the mammals in the ocean even if it’s just floating on top of the water. It’s still harmful to them and humans. It can kill, suffocate or poison the mammal. If humans decide to go swimming in the ocean and choke on a piece of plastic that breaks into pieces and they open there mouth for some reason and get trash in their mouth they can choke and maybe die. Just because people like to put their trash anywhere they please.
A lot of trash comes from land if the beach is right next to it.

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