town affected by vesuvius

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Vesuvius had erupted on August twenty fourth, seventy nine A.D. This catastrophe had demolished the city that was located near the volcano. Vesuvius was not like any other natural disaster; Vesuvius had frozen an entire civilization. Making the citizens of Pompeii apart of a giant photo-shoot taken by Mother Nature. Vesuvius erupting had, also allowed future generation to learn about the forgone city of Pompeii before hot volcanic ash had preserved the entire city. MT. Vesuvius had destroyed an entire Roman Town. Vesuvius erupting was not like any other natural disasters that had happened. What makes Vesuvius special is the fact that it had caused an entire city to be preserved. Instead of flatting an entire settlement; Vesuvius had made the city of Pompeii become a part of a photo-shoot. That had been left untouched for thousands of years. Before Vesuvius was spitting out hot volcanic ash and poisonous gases into the city of Pompeii. Vesuvius was just like any other volcano. Locked away, a magma chamber lies inside a volcano waiting for a trigger. Molten rock has been bubbling i...

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