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This paper will discuss the adoption of sales force automation technology and the progress that has been made thus far with regard to its adoption. It will also review the literature that has been published to this point on the topic of the adoption of sales force automation and customer relations management software. In addition, it will outline the problem statement with regard to the reason that the current study is being undertaken. This paper will also formulate a purpose statement, which is the type of study that will be conducted and the purpose of the study itself. The research questions and methodology of the study will follow along with a summary.
Explanation of definitions used in this paper
In the late 1990s, sales organizations in the pharmaceutical industry began investing heavily in sales force automation (SFA) technology (Moutot & Bascoul, 2008). SFA technology is software that is used to keep track of sales calls and other functions associated with territory management, including expense reporting, e-mails, etc. Other functions include the ability to set up one’s schedule to efficiently manage sales call activity. Borne out of this software was the addition of software specifically for customer relationship management (CRM) (Moutot & Bascoul, 2008). CRM software was developed to assist salespeople with managing and maintaining relationships with customers (Moutot & Bascoul, 2008). This tool can be used to adapt sales presentations to the exact needs of the individual customer and to collaborate with all parts of the internal sales organization in meeting the needs of the customer.
Despite the advantages of these high-tech tools, they have not been adopted by salespeople to the degree that wo...

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...despite the obvious benefits of the adaptive selling approach associated with this technology (Homburg, Wieseke & Kuhnl, 2010; Boujena, Johnston & Merunka, 2009; Ahearne, Jones, Rapp & Mathieu, 2008). The literature also outlines the cause of the problem as the fact that there is not a strong relationship between IT and salespeople, there is a lack of support from management to use the technology, and salespeople are not convinced that the technology will improve their performance (Boujena, Johnston & Merunka, 2009). There is also a lack of understanding about how the adoption process takes place in the above mentioned literature (Sahin, 2006). More specifically, a study could be conducted to determine if there is a link between the way that the technology is introduced to salespeople and the level of successful adoption of the technology.
Purpose of the Study
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