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Racial and gender discrimination are the most notorious concerns in the United States. United States is a country of diversity with many different cultures and customs and maybe that is a reason why people have this race issues against each other. Women and African Americans have confronted many racial affairs in the past and still is facing. They certainly have made great changes like abolishment of slavery, and voting rights for blacks and women yet we still see traces of segregation in the American society. It is fair to say that explicit discrimination is much more infrequent than it was years ago but the subtle differences still exists. People of United States did achieve part of what they aimed for but I don’t think they were successful in achieving their main goals such as ERA (Equal Right Amendment), Racial segregated housing, and implicit bias etc. In this essay I will talk about the achievements of the American minorities and how these attainments didn’t address their primary goals. One of the greatest victories in feminism was achieving the voting rights. Women were not allowed to vote even though United States had Amendment 15 in the constitution. Amendment 15 of 1870 gives right to all the citizen of United States regardless of their race, color or gender. It was a big struggle for women to achieve voting rights in male dominated society. It came with a price of giving up the equal right amendment because they attained the right during Victorianism in 1920’s. Victorianism was famous for keeping the women inside the homes. Victorians wanted women to be housewives and take care of the kids and family. Victorians didn’t offer women right to vote because they wanted them to be equal but they were given rights to prohibit... ... middle of paper ... ...sly believe African American and females are inferior to whites and males. Lets take a recent example of terrorism some people of United States believe since Osama bin laden was Muslim therefore all Muslims are terrorist. Although American society have come long way and achieved part of their goals yet they couldn’t change the mindset of people. It’s the beliefs we need to change we need a total revolution. Policies and enforcement is effective but it won’t reform subconscious thoughts of people. In conclusion, American society have made great changes yet couldn’t achieved the goal they once set. Taking different alternatives than taken already could be great option to address the problems. Racial and gender discrimination is still the main concern in American society. Policies and federal action might have alleviated the problem but it didn’t fix it completely.

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