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The Dollar Tree has a unique store concept store concept, which includes a balance of core house hold supplies and specialty seasonal products priced at $1.00 (Selva, 2013). In other words, this concept is highly differentiated and the business is well positioned (Selva, 2013). The Dollar Tree is in a growth market, as a matter of fact, the Dollar Tree earnings per share have increased 62% between 2010 and 2012 and they are expected to grow another 23% within the next couple of years (Selva, 2013). The strategy that separates themselves and the competition is that everything in the store is priced at $1.00, which is the cornerstone of the store’s concept. The other impressive feature about the Dollar Tree which separates itself from the competition is the wealth demographics it markets too compared to Family Dollar and Dollar General. The interesting fact is the Dollar Tree targets the middle class income versus the lower income due to the higher disposable income (Selva, 2013). When is it a good sign that you are dominating the competition strategically? Well, one capable way of telling is when the company is dominating in the stock market, which in fact, the Dollar Tree is doing. Selva, V. (April 16, 20130. 3 Reasons to Understand why Dollar Tree Leads the Pack. Retrieved May 26, 2014 from The Dollar Tree would fall under the prospector category according to Miles and Snow. One of the reasons why the Dollar Tree would fall under the prospector category is falling under the low cost and differentiation grid in figure 7.1 on page 17 off the textbook. In Dollar Tree’s recipe for ... ... middle of paper ... of targeted consumers. Home Depot in the market place is considered the professional contractor supply store to the female do it yourself retailer. Recently, Home Depot has decided to make a move digital marketing. As a matter of fact, Home Depot has to adapt to a new level of social medial marketing with their .com business (Zmuda, 2011). According to Mr. Shaw a marketing director of Home Depot internet business, believes it’s an evolving discipline which will take a cross-functional approach to succeed (Zmuda, 2011). As noted earlier, one of Home Depot’s strategic positions is to move towards its e-commerce business, such as internet sales or mobile sales. Therefore, the move by Mr. Shaw and the Home Depot marketing team fit in its corporate strategic levels. Zmuda, N. (2011). Home Depot social-media strategy pays off. Advertising Age, 82(33), C-2-C-3.

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