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Many students do not know what rhetoric means. Students know how to be persuasive when they are writing. They also know how to write to a specific audience and purpose. However, students do not know how to give their writing a persona. In addition, students do not know their rhetorical choices and context can affect their writing. Therefore, college students should learn about rhetoric, because it will help them with their writing.

Rhetoric is college students using language effectively and persuasively. When students are persuasive they have to convince their audience and reader. For example, when I want to persuade my audience I provide examples and evidence that they can understand. More simply, students have to provide information that will persuade the reader to agree with their viewpoint. In addition, when students are using language effectively they achieved their desired result. In other words, they have achieved their purpose or goal. Therefore, rhetoric is when college students effectively and persuasively use language.

The rhetorical situation consists of a few steps that college students find helpful. The first step of the rhetorical situation is knowing your audience. Knowing the audience is helpful to students, because they know who their writing is directed toward. The next step is knowing the purpose. Having a purpose is helpful to students because they know why they are writing. The third step of the rhetorical situation is knowing persona. Having a persona is helpful to students, because they can decide how they want to present themselves. The next step of the rhetorical situation is rhetorical choices. Making rhetorical choices is helpful, because it allow students to decide how and what they will say thing...

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...ith their professor, because they want to show them what they have learned. In addition, students show their character by deciding how to write thing. According to Gary D. Schmidt and William J. Vande Kopple authors and researchers of “Rhetoric”, students should know “what tone to adopt, and what stylistic level to write on” (2). In other words, students should know attitude and style they want their writing to represent. Overall, college students can show their personality and character in their writing when they use persona.

When students give their writing a persona it is easier for the reader to relate. In addition, students can write focused papers if they choose a specific audience and purpose. More simply, writing for a certain reason and to a certain group of people makes it easier for students to write coherent essays. Overall, rhetoric can help students.

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