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Many students do not know how to apply rhetoric. Students know how to write to a specific audience and for a specific purpose. Many students only know audience and purpose, so they do not apply all of the rhetorical steps. Many students are unaware of rhetoric, so students do not know how to give their writing a persona. More simply, they do not know how to add character to their writing. Additionally, students do not know how to be persuasive. In other words, students do not provide enough information to convince their audience or reader that to agree with the writer. In addition, students do not know their rhetorical choices and context can affect their writing. Therefore, new college student writers should learn rhetorical awareness, because it will help them with their writing. Rhetoric is new college student writers using language effectively and persuasively. When students are persuasive they are able to convince their audience and reader. For example, when I want to persuade my audience I provide examples that they can relate to and understand. More simply, students have to provide enough information that will persuade the reader to agree with their viewpoint. In addition, students have to be informative when they are being persuasive. In other words, they provide evidence and support to persuade the audience to agree with their viewpoints. Furthermore, when students are using language effectively they achieved their desired goal. In other words, they have achieved their purpose. For instance, when college students studied for an exam their purpose is to receive a good grade. Therefore, rhetoric is when new college student writers effectively and persuasively use language. Rhetorical awareness consists of a few steps ... ... middle of paper ... ...ing the persona is only one step of rhetorical awareness. In addition, students can write focused papers if they choose a specific audience and purpose. More simply, writing for a specific audience and purpose is easier, because students only have to focus on certain people for a certain reason. In addition, students should know how that rhetorical choices and context are similar, because new college student writers have to make decisions about their writing. Additionally, students should learn how to be persuasive and use language effectively. If students do learn more about rhetoric they will continue to write essays that do not convince the audience and reader to agree with their views. In other words, if students continue unaware of rhetoric their writing will not improve. Overall, rhetorical awareness can help new college student writers with their writing.

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