time flies, so be ready

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For years I have been waiting to experience the joy of Senior year and now it is here. To think that it will all be over in two and a half months is incredible. Soon enough I will be off to college and so, I want to start getting everything ready for when I leave. Everything is moving so fast and I hope to meet some of the people that will also be attending Wentworth next fall before I leave. First semester of college is going to be a practice round and then second semester is when scholarships will validate and start working. I hope to hear back about the scholarships that I applied for, so that I can know how much I will need to get for financial aid. You never know what is going to happen and your goals that you strive for will not always be the same.
Being accepted into the college of my dreams was marvelous and surprising. Now that I know I will be attending Wentworth, I hope to get to know some of the other people that will also be attending next fall. I started to follow some of the WIT twitter accounts so I could get used to what goes on. While I was on the main account I saw that someone had mentioned that they created a group on facebook that students who were accepted to Wentworth go join to meet each other. I thought that was a fantastic idea and found it right away. I check it constantly so that I can see who else was accepted and what major they were going into and I met a few people who were going into Industrial Design like I am. I made an instant connection with one of the girls that was on the page and we have been talking since then. It was nice to make a friend that fast and we have not officially met yet. One of the other students that got accepted had an idea of having one large skype group so...

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For years I have been waiting to experience the joy of Senior year and quite frankly it has not been all that and a ball of sunshine. So far the year has been stress on top of stress. The constant worry about either applying to schools, picking a major, studying for tests, writing portfolios, the balance of work and school, midterms and now, scholarships. I thought I knew what I wanted to do with my future. I wanted to attend Wentworth Institute of Technology and major in Industrial Design, but I changed my mind. I want to enlist in the U.S. Armed Forces to serve and protect my country. I want to be able to pass the physical part of the enlistment and mentally prepare myself for basic/boot camp and prepare myself for war. I will be the best soldier I can be, no matter what anyone else thinks or believes; and I will be proud to wear the uniform.