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The stock market crash occurred in October of 1929, and while there is still debate as to how much the crash contributed to the depression, the depression for many began earlier than that and for some later. How the depression affected an individual depended on who that person was and which part of the country they lived in. For those who worked in the agricultural fields and for minorities, a life that was already hard only became harder and in some cases untenable. Organized labor fared much better after some fits and starts. The banking collapse and the failure in the real estate and automobile industries and farming led to the loss of many jobs or to the decrease in pay in those jobs and many other jobs that relied on those industries for their livelihood (Module 3, Topic 1). For those in a household that held secondary jobs, the loss of those jobs was difficult, but for those who were the primary breadwinners, the loss of a job could mean the difference between survival and starvation. Many out of work for long periods of time lost the respect of their family members. Many fami...

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