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Can you imagine when you open your eyes in the morning, cows are plowing the farm in front of your home and boars are coming to your house in the night? I was born and raised in a very small rural village in South Korea until I became 20 years old. I was just an ordinary rural boy playing in the farm. After I became teenager, I found out that my grand father was lived in China and North Korea before the Korean War broke out. My family was already living internationally before I was even born. When I was young, one of my best friends moved to England and my cousin also moved China after she became an instructor at a university in China. I traveled the whole Great Britain including England, Wales, and Scotland by myself when I was 18 years old. At that time, I could not speak English at all except for greetings and some important words, but I just wanted to go there to challenge my fear of foreigners and English language. After visiting those places, I knew that the world is broad and started to think that I must live internationally.
Personally, my family has always been living near poverty line. That sometimes made me discouraged to pursue my dream, but that made me find another route. I studied hard and went to a university where I can get a full scholarship. I also had a difficulty to follow lectures when I first came to America, but I studied really hard and tried to know more than lecture by doing lots of research by myself, and that gave me good grades in the end. I do not give up easily, because I know that if I do something really hard I can reach there and I can do better than what I expected.
After first year of university, I went to the South Korean Air Force and I served as an administration clerk for 25 months from ...

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...h Dr. Kim during my degree program. In addition, the location of the university is great. Its accessibility to New York City and Washington D.C. where lots of international organizations are located is one of the most attractive aspects that this university is having.
If the university accepts me, I want to study on East Asian countries’ international relations, especially focus on China and Korea. I am interested in research on China’s foreign policy, East Asian regionalism, and two Korea’s reunification because I was always wanted know more about where I was born and raised. I also want to know more about how American view on East Asia is different from the view from East Asians. After I get the Ph.D. degree, I want to be a professor to let students know more about the importance of East Asia and try to help students with dream like me to pursue their dream.
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