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{ [If ("Does_history_repeat_itself")=no] Then Run(Provewrong.exe); [When Provewrong.exe=Closed] Then Ask=("Does_history_repeat_itself"); [ If ("Does_history_repeat_itself") = no] Then Run(Provewrong.exe); } History always repeats itself. And I will make you understand it repeats itself, why it repeats itself, and when it repeats itself. History repeats itself because as technology repeats new advancements are made and they are often improvements on something already functional. 1. Necessity to create something is the reason why history repeats itself, We create new things that we need over and over again. Homo Neanderthalensis created tools and became inventive to do what their body could not do. Homo Neanderthalensis created tools to help them just as we do now. This evidence shows that innovation repeats itself just as history does. Innovation is a thing that repeats itself when we want something we cannot do. Necessity is a form of innovation that causes history to repeat itself. 2. The effort it takes to complete a task is the mother of all invention. Humans inspire to make t...

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