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The theories of nuclear proliferation could be defined with two major approaches—the Rational Deterrence Theory and the Organizational Theory. The former claims the state’s nature of rationality would make nuclear weapon as an effective tool of deterrence; But the later theory suggest nuclear programs are more likely under the military organizations‘ command, whom are less strained by the political rationality, therefore nuclear weapons are far more threatening and dangerous in this view comparing to the Rational Deterrence Theory (Sagan, and Waltz, 2002). According to Kenneth Waltz the founder of neorealism, the Rational Deterrence Theory claims that the nuclear weapons could massively decrease the possibility of war (Waltz, 1981). Because of its massive power of destruction, any nuclear WMD holder state would have to think twice before using it. The states would be cautious to avoid any strategic miscalculation in the fear of nuclear war. As a result, this nuclear cautiousness in Waltz’s words makes nuclear weapon an effective tool encouraging both states’ abilities of defense an...
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