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1. Psychosocial Crisis: when a psychological need conflicts with the demands of society then that situation a difficult situation developing a problem or obstacle. This problem is known as psychosocial crisis. In the Erikson’s stages of development, each stage is defined by a particular psychosocial crisis which showcases the conflicts between two opposing forces. 2. In the first stage of Erikson’s stages of development which is HOPES, the conflict between the trust and mistrust of an infant is described. This stage involves the needs of an infant in the first 2 years which then develops his or her view towards the world. If the parents are capable enough to provide every need to the infant with proper guidance, then the infant starts developing a positive attitude towards the world. The Infant develops a feeling of security and feels that the world is reliable and dependable. On the other hand if the parents are not able to satisfy the basic needs or present a abusive environment, then the perspective of the infant completely becomes negative towards the world. The infant starts developing a belief that the world is tough and is not reliable, undependable and a dangerous place to live in. In the second stage of Erikson’s theory, the conflicts between the autonomy and doubts of a kid is explained. The kid starts developing a sense of exploring new things around the world. Because at after 2 years the infant is able to walk and roam around and is able to touch and feel new things. Now if the caregivers will resist him to experience new things or they try to be too overprotective about their child, then the child will develop a feeling of doubt about his or her own abilities. The child will start to think that he is not capable enou... ... middle of paper ... ...erson experiences in life. Strengths: • It explains why some people have difficulty to tackle life challenges. This is because of some unhealthy situations which happened to them in the early stages of the development. • This theory provided solutions to therapists for finding key issues with the patients. • It helped in creating a healthy emotional and cognitive development of a child as these theories can be taught to the elders who can then implement the same in their lives. Weakness: • Some stages can take more time for their completion as it depends on the individual. • Some stages can take place before the other stages. Thus the Erikson’s theory seems quite reasonable and agreeable to me as the stages appear quite real to me. In my opinion the theory successfully depicts the stages of lives and the conflicts are also mentioned in a quite appreciative manner.
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