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First, we must make the distinction between crimes of passion and passionate crimes. Crimes of passion are normally those crimes committed as a result of some sudden rage towards an incident involving immediate conflict. Defendants have used this defense after assaults or murders claiming “temporary insanity”. With these type crimes it is assumed that the person committing loses their ability of control. The main point of interest when using these defenses is the crime is said not to be premeditated.
Passionate crimes, on the other hand, would be premeditated. These would imply calculated plan of attack. Sexual crimes are normally associated with passionate crimes because they somehow involve strong emotions. Other examples or forms of passionate crimes could be related to revenge. As opposed to a robbery where someone’s action to rob for personal gain, the passionate crime would be committed by one with some emotional motive. In this response to the question, I will define a passionate crime as one that is sexually motivated
When applying the Rational Theory approach to passionate crimes it would be said that the person has a choice to act on their emotions. If the crime was committed then that means they chose not to repress their passion.
Probable one of the first rational theory proposals was from Beccaria in the 1700s (Bonesania & Beccaria, 1738-1794). Beccaria main position was that people chose to commit
crime of their own free will. His theory is based on the assumptions the criminals will consider what they have to gain compared to what can be lost and choose their action. This concept, of course would relate to passionate crime as it would to all crimes. In Beccaria’s view the passionate crime offende...

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...ith the rational theory concept, however we should not leave it at that without examining how do we prevent, intervene, and explain why they choice to commit. Cornish and Clarke considers other theories dealing with crime to their model.
We must look at what factors within this person’s life lead them to feel that a choice to commit the crime was even a consideration. With the experience of working in law enforcement, I strongly believe our actions are based on individual choices. Those that commit crimes should be dealt with accordingly. However, just to say he had a choice and that is it would be narrow minded. If we are to create a better society for all, we must learn to identify potential offenders at an early stage. In most all type crimes some observable behavior exists that should present a warning sign indicating attention and the need for intervention.
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