the value chain

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The value chain refers to all activities associated with providing a product or service. In a manufacturer’s view, these activities include product design, production sales, sales and marketing, delivery, research and development, customer relations, and subsequent service. Recently there have been many companies analyzing stages of the value chain in effort to improve productivity and eliminate waste. In the past, companies have been buying machines to replace manpower in manufacturing processes. Although this method was designed to produce large batches of products, recently it has been stated that it is recognized as wasteful. This is because they require vast amount of inventory storage capacity and considerable movement of materials. This scenario has led companies to have reengineered their manufacturing processes and the analysis of the value chain has made companies improve in their profitability and be more responsive to customer needs. We are going to look into Dell Incorporation on how they use the value chain in their business tactics. We will start with Dell’s Direct Mod...

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