the silent tears

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The Silent Tears “Gemma May! go home you have stayed way past the time your shift was suppose to end it is now 3:40am and you have to walk home” said Mr. Stone he is the owner of the Buzzing Beyond Sound Bar that I work at. “Mr. Stone you know I am happy to stay longer than I need to” I say as I grab my bag and I clock out. “Yes I know you love to but I need you to get some sleep so good night Gemma” I hug him and say good bye and then leave. I walk for a while I love to walk it home at night it is so peaceful. Just then I hear someone behind me but when I turn around there isn’t anyone there I turn back around to continue my walk home I see a male standing right in front in me and the next thing I know I am blind folded and in a vehicle. I am now blind so I can’t see but I can hear just fine they are talking about me I assume so I tune in. ”Ashton I can’t do this to someone innocent” a scared voice said. "Oh my goodness don’t worry Kaiden I am not going to hurt her she is beautiful and I want her” that must be Ashton. It felt like forever but we stop and I hear Ashton ask Kaiden “can you take her to my room and then leave thanks for the help” I am then lifted up and brought into a house or something like that and then I am laid down on a really comfy bed and then I hear the door shut and I am alone. Then the door opens and I feel someone touch my shoulder and at this very moment I have the most fear I have had in all of my eighteen year. He then began to touch me everywhere and so other stuff that is just ugly. When he was done doing things to me he left I just sit there crying until I fell asleep when I woke up there was a note on the table. I picked it up and read it “Gemma May, ( I read your ID) I wanted to say sorry but not... ... middle of paper ... I would have helped you out and I would have raised her as my own. Please forgive me and give me another chance I love you I could be way better than someone who needed to use force.” He said to me “Ransome your being a complete dummy and you lost your chance when you and everyone left and judged without knowing anything. I think you should leave us alone.” Ashton grabs my hand and started to push the stroller away and we left Ransome standing there. As the weeks pass I start to tell my friends and family what happen two years ago even though some of them found out through Ransome but many of them feel terrible for how they treated me and they told me that they are going to help out as much as they can. I now have my friends back, a wonderful fiancé and a beautiful daughter what a great way to spend the rest of my life because everything happens for a reason.

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