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The Rifle By: Gary Paulsen In the story “The Rifle” that took place in 1786 there was a gunsmith named Cornish McManus. He built a rifle that had the best accuracy and finish of all time. But a problem came up; he had a new wife to care for and had to sell the rifle. He sold it to a man named John Byam. He is a patriot fighting for independence in the Revolutionary war. While he fought in the war the first person he killed was a British officer and the rest of the troops were picked off one by one. All of Byam’s troops admired the rifle and asked to see it all the time. After the killing of the officer they had been chased to a British fort but hadn’t been seen. John sniped out one of the officer’s and hid in a nearby trench. Slowly John became known and admired by all, for his amazing skills. One day John drank dirty water and got really sick. The rest of his troops knew it was only a matter of time before he died. Three days after he died and was buried with the others that died of sickness. After he died a woman named Sarah took it and put it in-between the...

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