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The Quran is the last testament in a series of divine revelations from God. It consists of the unaltered and direct words of Allah, which were revealed to Muhammad SAW, the final prophet of Islam, through Angel Gabriel more than 1400 years ago. The first revelation was received in the year 610 of what was to become the Quran. It is stated that Muhammad SAW was confronted by the Angel Gabriel while in a cave on Mount Hira in Makkah. The angel commanded him to recite what are the earliest revealed words of the Quran. Muhammad SAW continued to receive the divine messages from then on, verse by verse, until his death in 632.The Quran is considered as the mentor of millions of Muslims as it shapes their everyday life, anchors them to a unique system of law, and inspires them by its guiding principles. Written in Arabic,the Quran has done more than move crowd of people to tears and realisation. For more than fourteen hundred years, it has illuminated the lives of Muslims with its uncompromising message of monotheism, social justice, righteous living, individual responsibility and human dignity.Consequently, it has been the most important force in guiding every aspect of life for millions. Indeed, the Quran is the base on which the Islamic civilisation has been built on.

The Origin of the Quran

The Revelation
The first revelation came to Mohammad SAW when he was 40 years old and was in the middle of his retreat in Cave Hira during the last ten days of the month of Ramadan. According to the
Hadith, Angel Gabriel appeared before the Mohammad SAW andsaid to him: “Iqra” (meaning read or recite). Perplexed, Mohammad SAW replied that he could not recite/read or did not know what to recite/read as he was illiterate. After the...

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... (pbuh) exactly, word for word. Muslims believe that as the prophet received the revelations, he recited them exactly and then the words were recorded immediately and accurately by his companions.

4. The Qur’an has never been changed. Muslims read the Qur’an in the original Arabic so that they are sure that their knowledge is correct. Many Muslim scholars think that the Qur’an should never be translated into other languages because of the risk of mistakes.

5. Muslims also accept the authority of the Qur’an because it helps them to understand the qualities and nature of Allah and it shows them how to follow His straight path. Also, the Qur’an provides a framework of belief about Allah and can give those who choose to follow the teachings an inner peace. It encourages believers to lead a good life and it offers support and help in times of need and hardship.
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