the progress of man

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Religion has been around since the invention of the written text. The first written texts that have been found date back to over two thousand years ago. They happen to be religious in nature, and to some these texts are believed to have caused many wars and cultural clashes all throughout history. It is a popular belief that religion was and is a tool used by many dictators, kings and politicians. A tool designed to manipulate the masses and keep kingdoms under control. Yehuda Amichai is a poet who experienced firsthand what war really looks like. Upon closely reading several of Yehuda Amichai’s poems a set of motifs develop motifs that paint vivid pictures of human suffering caused by war; motifs that develop into themes of religion and God’s mercy towards the malevolent nature of man. Religion is a big part of Amichai’s poetry it is almost always present in his poems in one form or another. In “God Takes Pity on Kindergarten Children” he writes “Maybe He Will take pity and cast His shadow/ on those who truly love” (9-10) this is a clear and obvious example of religion. It focuses on the rewards of living a holy life. However, it also depicts humans as tiny and insignificant because a man can lead a holy life and be as good as he can be, but he will never be a God. Ultimately only God decides who receives pity and in what way. Amichai also portrays religion as a point of view “As a tree on someone sleeping on a bench/ on a boulevard” (11-12). He suggests that the rewards religion offers are opinions, whether it’s real or not, the rewards are infinite and they are only limited by one’s own imagination. The shadow of the tree could be the reward of a faithful and deserving follower or maybe the ability to sleep on a bench on a h... ... middle of paper ... ...mankind free will. God only deals out consequences like a card shark in a casino where the house always wins. Mankind is predetermined to be evil and Amichai’s tone suggest rancor towards god because of it, for example “He leaves them alone./ Sometime they have to crawl on all fours/ in the blazing sand”. These lines suggest that mankind is left alone in the evil world God created; a world where religion rules by clouding critical thinking causing wars and genocide. Amichai’s poetry is not only about war and religion, he also writes many love poems, but I felt that the majority of his work related war and the evil nature of man. His poems speak of religion in a way that shows resentment maybe he felt abandoned by god. He participated in five wars and that kind of trauma changes a man. Maybe he feels that there is no God or at the very least not a good God.
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