the importance of physical education

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One out of every three children in America are considered obese or overweight (“Overweight”). America is at a point to where people want everything easy and fast. Last year, McDonald’s served 69 million customers a day (“Our Story”). These people are at home watching TV on their couches and eating this fast food. I think this is a huge factor to why obesity is at a high. The lack of exercise is a global pandemic. Only three out of ten Americans exercise regularly (“Information”). But for many students, the only exercise they may get is at school in a PE class. I feel like PE is a great class, but gets overlooked as a waste of time. The importance of teaching physical education is taken for granted. We can attain healthy habits, get exercise, and have fun while doing it. I believe physical education classes should be maintained and emphasized more than they are now. Most people view it as just an easy class but in reality, it could benefit our generation in the long run, and help make for a healthier future.
In my opinion, physical education is very important. I also feel that we should do whatever to get as much exercise as possible. That does include PE classes. At first thought, mostly everyone will assume that PE is just a class to get the easy way out, so a harder class isn’t assigned. I feel like it can be very beneficial, though. For some, the class may be the only exercise they get at all. Even though its only a hour and a half, it is better than none. PE also gets the students to cooperate with each other. The kids that don’t talk much or don’t have many friends, get a chance to socialize with others and make friends. The class can teach sportsmanship and teamwork. PE has the potential to bring out the competitive side of...

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In this essay, the author

  • Opines that physical education classes should be maintained and emphasized more than they are now.
  • Opines that physical education is important and should be taken as seriously as any other class. pe has the potential to benefit lives in ways that other classes couldn't.
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