the impact of the cell phone

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In today’s society cellular phones is a life source to many people around the world. People have seen many significant changes in technology in their life time. Cellular phones also known as the “cell phone” are the most high demanding technology device that people particularly depend on today. Cell phones have a huge influence on businesses, the healthcare industries, and our personal lives. Cell phones are miniature computers that allow you to go online, download games, and access other applications right at your fingertips. There are many reasons why the cell phone was invented, however the most important reason why the cell phone was invented was to create a portal device to allow people to communicate without using a land line phone and to receive instant communication. Before the cell phone became extremely popular it was once was considered a luxury item, however it is now a necessity in our everyday lives. Cellphones were not a big deal years ago until the 1990s. Only professionals used cell phones which include doctors, lawyers, government officials and business men. To own a mobile phone during this time was very costly and wasn’t affordable to many people. Cell phones are no longer just a talking device for verbal communication; you can now interact through social media around the world. It is gradually developing into a portal computer with a navigation system and a camera. Cellphones has impacted businesses in so many ways. You can now place and pay for your order at some fast food restaurants with your cell phone by downloading the company’s application on your phone and your order will be ready for pick up. Business coupons and discounts are accepted by downloading them on your phone. This mobile device allows you... ... middle of paper ... ... a destination on the phone and it will guide me in the right direction that I’m seeking. Life without cell phones would prevent the world to be competitive with each other and many other technologies would not be discovered. This technology is not a temporary fad. Cell phones allow businesses to compete with other businesses around the world, it allows healthcare industry to gather information, to connect with their patients, and allow people to keep in touch with their love ones no matter where they are located. The cell phone has come a long way from just making phone calls. It has so many features and capabilities that a computer has, and I believe that the cellphones will become well advanced in years to come. It is convenient for assisting with emergencies, storing files, pictures, conducting business, and instant communication. Cellphones are here to stay.
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