the holocaust

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From the year 1933, when Adolf Hitler came into power as a militaristic dictator, to 1945, the year he ended his reign of terror by committing suicide, Germany has never been the same since. One of the largest and most callous genocide took place between the elapsed time; and about eleven million people were murdered just within that time frame. Pagans and those who were not of Aryan descent were segregated and eliminated in Hitler's plan known as the final solution.
The holocaust occurred due to the denial of Germans to accept the main reason to their failed economy. Therefore, they needed someone to blame for their troubled economy. Someone had to take the blame for their misfortune, and unfortunately, the Jewish race became the prime target of the “find someone to blame theory” Hitler had come up with. Hitler’s “final solution” was a well-strategized plan that was used to create beliefs, which most Germans were falsely blinded to believe in. Propaganda influenced others to join their plan or agree with their ideas, and discrimination against those who were of a different race or descent. Therefore some of the main reasons why the holocaust occurred were due to denial, propaganda and discrimination against another race.
Adolf Hitler, who looked for some one to blame, started the Nazi party of Germany. The Nazis were fascists, who used their power to run Germany especially under Hitler's reign. The Nazi party grew rapidly due to the fact that those who spoke against them where threatened and killed. Those of different religious beliefs and races where segregated and discriminated against during the Holocaust. Soon the Jews and others where put into extermination and concentration camps where they were identified and killed.
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