the hatchet

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This book is about a boy named Brian Roberson who gets stuck in the wilderness when his plane crash-lands because the pilot has a heart attack. It all started when Brian's parents had a divorce. He was sent away on a plane by his mother because it was summertime when his dad had custody. The parting gift his mother gave him was a hatchet. He wore the hatchet on a belt. When he left on the private little Cessna 406 plane in the copilot's seat he never could imagine how this little trip would change his life. In the airplane he thought a lot about his parents and the secret he kept. The secret was that he knew that his mom was having an affair with another man when she was still married to his father. Brian was thinking this until the pilot interrupted his thoughts and asked him if he has ever been in a copilot's seat before. He answered by saying that he has never been on an airplane. The pilot showed Brian how to fly the airplane by letting him fly for a ! while. A little after Brian finished he was thinking again about his parents when he noticed that the pilot was rubbing his shoulder and jaw. A few minutes later the pilot said to Brian that he was in a lot of pain and he started using the radio to signal for help. He didn't make it long enough to talk and had a massive heart attack. When he had the heart attack he hit the right rudder making the plane swoop right. Brian could not believe what happened. He had an idea to use the radio. But just before the radio transmissi...
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