the evidence for early human evolution

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Although many believe that Homo habilis is the first ancestor of Homo erectus, introducing Dmanisi skull 5 and WT 15000 in the evolutionary line brings out different results. The Dmansi skull 5 and WT 15000 are classified as more closely related ancestors of Homo erectus especially given that they share numerous features. Homo erectus interests many scientists as it is thought to be the likely ancestor of modern day human beings given that his fossils differed from those of ape-man or Homo habilis. This paper focuses on identifying the true or direct ancestor to Homo erectus. After comparing Homo erectus with Dmanisi, and Homo erectus with WT 15000, this paper reveals that the paper Homo erectus and WT 15000 share numerous characteristics and this makes WT 15000 the direct ancestor to Homo erectus.

Just the same time the fossils of homo erectus were found in East Africa, the fossils of Dmanisi were found in Eastern Europe in Georgia republic and Turkana boy or Nariokotone found in west of Lake Turkana Kenya (Hazarika, 2007). These discoveries were however not all Homo erectus but ...
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