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The Aztecs Introduction The tribe in which I will be researching is the Aztecs tribe. I plan to find out the answers to the questions below. 1. Where they lived? 2. Their religions? 3. What they ate? 4. Some of their beliefs? 5. What life was like? The Aztecs The Indian tribe I am studying is the Aztecs. I plan on answering questions such as what life was like, what they ate, how they dressed, what their religions were, and many other questions which I intended on finding out. I learned many interesting facts about the Aztecs. And a few of the most interesting facts in which I learned are that the Aztecs believed deeply in sacrifices, and would capture prisoners of another tribe of war, and would make them climb a pyramid and at the top they would have their heart cut out from their chest and burned as an offering to their gods. (Unstead, 9&10.) The Aztecs had many gods, which they believed in. The two chief gods were Oretecuhtlick and Orecihuatl. They were the lord and the lady of creation. They had four sons who would be the creators of the other gods. (Unstead, 8&9.) The Aztecs believed in a god for everything. There was a food god, a sun god, a water god, a moon god, even a god for their clothing. &n...

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