the american dream

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Every year more and more high school graduates, their families, and even professionals already in industry are faced with an increasingly difficult question. That question is to determine whether or not they should pursue a college education. The reason for this controversy is that as the economy has definitely taken a hit, more and more people are wanting to make money in any way they can now than to spend money in order to increase potential earnings for the future. Another reason for the controversy is that the cost of attending college is rising and will continue to rise unless some major political action happens. This question is relevant because it is important to be educated on the costs and benefits of going to college so you can make an informed decision or help someone you know make an informed decision. College is not for everyone but for the majority of people, going to college can be an excellent tool in building your career and your family. One of the greatest benefits of college is the increased possibility of upward economic mobility. College can be used to propel you to a different class in society that would otherwise have been unachievable. “Those with a bachelors degree earn about $1 million more over their lifetimes than those without one, according to a recent Georgetown study” (Bradford). If you were born into the poorest fifth quintile of American families getting a college degree gives you an 80% higher chance of bettering your economic status over your lifetime (Bradford). “A college education is also an important differentiator in economic mobility. In our country, we embrace the promise of the ‘American Dream,’ the idea that anyone who works hard can make it” (Azziz). This partly is due to the weekly e... ... middle of paper ... Having immigrant parents, I am looking to raise my socioeconomic status with my college degree and will work hard to continue to prosper in my goals of attaining higher education. Whether you should or not is always ultimately up to you but the benefits definitely outweigh the costs. With a college degree you get the benefits of increased upward economic mobility, a much higher starting pay and accelerated earnings increase over someone that didn’t go to college, and the benefit of having many more opportunities to choose what it is you would like to do for your career. As stated in the United States Declaration of independence you are endowed by the Creator with certain inalienable rights which include life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The American Dream can be yours by making a solid college education the foundation of your career and your life.
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