the air sector industry

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The major aspects described by EPA that represents major compliance, liability costs, etc. from the Air Transport Industry are entailed within the sector’s operations. Aircraft maintenance and other fleet maintenance within the industry represent significant environmental impacts, since toxic and hazardous wastes are generated from this. Contamination of surface water, groundwater, soils, and air from maintenance activities represent a major issue the sector must faced if this activity is not properly managed. For example, Newark International Airport repairs and maintenance costs are yearly up to $166,600,292, while Teterboro Airports repairs and maintenance costs are yearly up to $13,037,272, from which up to $2,500,000 are designed or granted for environmental correction and prevention programs. If preventive initiates are not properly established, liability costs might elevated compared to how much they invest on environmental prevention. For example, Grumman St Augustine Corporation was charged for a civil penalty of $2,500,000 for not complying with environmental pollution pre...
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