the Restoration Shaped Literature From 1660 to 1700

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The Restoration period is also known as the Age of Dryden, because Dryden was the dominating and most representative literary figure of the Age. During the restoration, King Charles II was restored to the throne, which marked the beginning of a new epoch in English literature.

The Restoration of King Charles II brought about a revolutionary change in life and literature. During this period gravity, moral earnestness and decorum in all things, which distinguished the Puritan period, were forgotten; cheerfulness and gaiety were the new moods and morality was waning (Chavan). Charles II and his nobles, who had enjoyed a gay life in France during their exile, tried their best to introduce that type of lifestyle in England. Instead of having Shakespeare and the Elizabethans as their models, the poets and dramatists of the Restoration period began to imitate French writers and especially their vices (Naeem). The Plague was regarded to be a suitable punishment for the sins of the Kine and his nobles.

There was an increase of science during this era that spurred the “rational inquiry and scientific and objective outlook.” The literature of the Restoration era pronounced the ending of the Renaissance literature. Realism in literature began to arise during the Restoration period. In the beginning, the realism of the new era took on an ugly picture. The picture of corruption and moral laxity, which were predominant in the social life of the restoration, were reflected in its literature (Chavan). Much of its literature involved life in London, fashion, manners, etc. and aimed to show the realisticism of their corrupt courts and societies. This produced low plays without interest or moral significance. Only once writers tried to portray hu...

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...lism the began to clarify and simplify the language of antique writings. De-latinisation. Before the reformation the English prose were high in Latin word choice and sentence structure, but during the Reformation prose seeked to bring the written language nearer to the spoken language (Naeem).

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