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Microsoft began when two inspirational young men, Bill Gates and Paul Allen, to develop BASIC language software for ALTAIR 8800. Today, Microsoft is the world’s largest software company and an undeniable force in the computing world. Microsoft’s products are used across the world, from every age to every race. Microsoft is the parent company of the Windows operating system, Internet Explorer browser, the Office suite of programs, and the Xbox game system. The company has a revenue of $60.42 billion and a global workforce of 95,000 people. At present, the company has exhibited agility in responding to market conditions, and has been managing innovations well. Bill Gates and Paul Allen were motivated by a dream and a desire that started with a small magazine cover. Bill Gates and Paul Allen brought their vision to fruition, started a Microsoft and made billions.
According to Microsoft, “Thirty years ago, Microsoft began with a dream of a computer on every desk and in every home. Today, for the more than one billion people we’ve reached, life has changed profoundly. Information is available instantaneously. Personal and professional connections are made easily. Products and services are sold conveniently. Progress is achieved more readily. But for more than 5 billion people, the opportunity to learn, connect, create, and succeed remains elusive.” This type of determination and incentive makes a fantasy into a reality and a corporation fruitful. Operating systems were just the beginning for Microsoft beginning at Windows 1.01 and ending most recently at the release of Windows 8, which is said to be the better of the two past operating systems XP and Vista (Bishop, 2004). Microsoft Office is produced by the Business Division of Micros...

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...el for other companies on how to grow and achieve higher levels of employee morale that is a critical element needed for a highly motivated workforce.
Microsoft is one of the original pioneers in the computer software industry. The company has grown to be one of the single most profitable companies in history and has produced several top billionaires. As a company of such large capacity, employing tens of thousands of employees, using effective motivational strategies is an important portion of the company’s foundation for conducting business. Microsoft is a leading force in developing and promoting effective morale increasing techniques and has proven that success is built on the backs of the employees who serve the cause of the company. Developing a motivated workforce has made Microsoft an effective force in the software market and the corporate whole in general.
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