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Nicole and Benedict climbed into Nicole’s car. She hooked up her phone and then joined Benedict in putting on their respective seat belts. Nicole turned to him and said, “There are rules in this car.”
He smiled, “OK.”
“I’m not kidding. The will be followed, no questions asked," she said pointing at him.
He stopped smiling, “OK.”
“The music will be loud. There will be singing. Car dancing MUST occur. There will be no judgement, pointing or laughing at any inherent lack of talent.”
Benedict laughed, “OK. I thought you were serious, like no talking or some shit.”
“No, but I am serious about the rest.”
“No, really.”
“I got it. I can car dance with the best of them. Plus, I have a lovely singing voice,” he grinned.
“I know.”
“Do you?” He grinned.
She made a ‘whatever’ face at him, “Quit fishing for complements.” She leaned over and hit the start button on the car. It’s customary “Hello” flashed across the dashboard and she turned to Benedict. “80’s?” She asked him.
“Works for me.”
She selected her 1980’s playlist and turned up the volume. The first band to play was Duran Duran. She cheered, “YES!” and began dancing as she put the car in gear and head out to run the errands. Just as promised, there was singing, loudly. There was dancing, badly. There was fun and hilarity had by all.
“Do you do this every time you go somewhere?” Ben asked.
“Do people say anything?”
“Probably. Sometimes people join in,” she shrugged and smiled, thinking specifically of the guy at the McDonald's drive through window. That was fun!
Nicole pulled up in front of a small storefront with the name Passionknit hand painted across the window, and turned off the car. “First stop,” she declared.
He looked at...

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...I got it,” she said to the both of them.
Benedict started to protest and, was cut off.
“The socks are a gift,” she said, simply. “It’s my gift to you.” They stood at the counter looking at each other, Nicole somewhat challenging him to protest, but him, it was more a look of gratitude and something else.
The clerk cleared her throat when the silence was too much for her. “Cash or credit?” she asked needing the tension to be brought down an notch.
Nicole handed over the credit card and smiled politely.

Once squared away in the car, Benedict turned to Nicole, “Thank you.” His voice was low and deeper than usual, affected by emotion.
“It’s just socks,” she said quietly, busying herself with the car controls, “It’s not like an ovum or anything,” she tried to joke, because she was effected by his emotion.
He chuckled, “Right. Thank you, just the same.”
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