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Friday night Nicole gently tried to find out Benedict’s plans for Saturday. She did know he didn’t have to work, since she was emailed his schedule regularly. The question became, was he going to sleep in? Was he going to stay on his sleeping schedule? Who does that, anyway? Get up early but not so early? Enquiring minds wanted to know. It made planning around meals and such easier. She didn’t want to bust out with, “Are you sleeping in or what? I have a life ya know!” That not being very host like and all. Finally, after some leading questions, she got he planned on sleeping in, but not too late. Whatever that meant. She was gathering around 9:00 or 10:00. That seemed a reasonable assumption. The trouble with guests, is that you had to meticulously plan your down time. If you had errands to run or wanted to do something social, arrangements had to be made. Most of the time, it wasn’t that difficult. Guests were usually out during the day, which left time for her own activities. She just had to make sure their needs were met. She didn’t expect much difficulty with Ben being the only guest, plus he wasn’t very demanding, truly one of the easier guests she’d had. Saturday morning, Nicole was up before Benedict, and had breakfast and lunch set up for him, in case she didn’t make it back by lunch time from getting stuff done. It wasn’t like she had a huge list of things to do, but stuff nonetheless. As she was typing another item into her todo list, she heard Benedict making his way downstairs. When he finally stepped into the kitchen area, smiled at his appearance. Clearly sometime this week, he had decided he was comfortable enough to come down freshly out of bed. She could imagine how he was probably... ... middle of paper ... ...ce her. He smiled brightly, “So, this is where the magic happens!” Nicole could not stop the blush, and could not come up with a witty comeback. She shook her head, “Nonotreally,” she mumbled handing him the hats. Benedict laughed and Nicole felt herself turn a brighter red. “Which do you recommend?” “The black and orange one. They'e a local favorite," she waved her hand in the general direction of the hats, avoiding eye contact. He handed her the other two hats and put on the one she suggested, “How do I look?” He smiled. So fucking adorable. “It’s good. You look good. So, If anyone asks, your my cousin visiting.” “Right. Thanks for this,” he said stepping to her and embracing her in a hug. She hugged him back, and couldn't help but smile. Until she realized she was hugging Benedict Fucking Cumberbatch in her God Dammed bedroom. Fucking hell.

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