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Global security has evolved dramatically from its original conception of state to state interaction to one which incorporates state and non-state actors (Hough, 2008). The advancement of security from the late Twentieth century to the twenty first century still concerns struggle of state power as a fundamental subject yet asserts the necessity for an improved understanding of what breeds and fuels both security and insecurity (Kay, 2011) It is said that Global security is achieved when the presence of stability and the absent of threat is provided to the “international system, to countries, or to individuals” (Kay, 2011, p. 1).Today Security threats can quickly become a global issue due to the frequently unregulated phenomenon of globalisation and the lack of global governance (Kay, 2011). This is evident after the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001 which presented a focus on a new emerging issue. This global threat originating from failed states was given immediate attention. The threat to global security was noticed due to the fact that the terrorist attack was identified as a link of a global relationship spanning from the United States (U.S.) to Europe and the Middle East originating in Afghanistan (Kay, 2011) The revival on the threat emerging from failed states has come at a time in which armed conflict between nations states are in decline. The shift from decreasing inter-state warfare has seen a huge rise in intrastate conflict (Brock, et al., 2012). The security issues experienced by failed states are seen in the form of lawlessness, crime, tyranny, disease, demographic pressure and other security threats causing some areas to descend into chaos (Kaplan, 2000) .Recently the phenomenon of a failed state has become much... ... middle of paper ... ...al security. It critically relies on terrorist groups to aid its campaign against India, to secure influence in Kashmir and other regions (Riedel, 2008). The presence however of these terrorist groups have been felt in many incidents outside of Pakistan such as attacks on American embassies , Bombings in India , Aeroplane hijackings worldwide all planned from the safe havens and support provided to Terrorist groups in areas of Pakistan which the government have lost control of (Gunaratna & Iqbal, 2012). The situation becomes more dire as the longer Pakistan is unable to solve its security issues such as the internal terrorist/insurgency threats, the larger its inability to provide stability and security to its people. This could lead to total collapse as at present “when governments no longer provide public goods and services, failure looms” (Rotberg, 2002, p. 131).

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