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1. Why is the discussion of sex and sexuality still so controversial? For example, why do so many hate crimes involve sexual orientation? Why do we react so negatively to the topic of elder sex? Why do we react so negatively to evidence that children have sexual feelings? (461)Sex is so controversial because of the way we were raised. If we were raised to recognized and talk about our feelings of sex then we wouldn’t think of sexuality as something to hide but something mature adults do and discuss. By understand and explaining that sex is something two mature adults share when their in love and married to our children and understanding they may be experiencing sexual feelings too. By explaining to our children that these feeling are natural and is get them ready for when they fall in love when their older and married. We wouldn’t have all these negative feelings towards any type of sex. With sex education classes and acknowledging that our children wonder how everything works we could save time by recognizing and explaining any sexual feelings there having we could maybe put a stop to teenage pregnancy and hate crimes. I feel by explain sex earlier in life we wouldn’t have as much negative feelings when discussing sex but older people will still react negatively to children having sex because they don’t want to realize that their children are growing up and won’t be their baby to take care of anymore but getting ready to spread their wings and leave the nest. Whereas if children understood sex they wouldn’t react so negatively when they realize that their parents and grandparents are still having sex, but with the way we were raised to appreciate young bodies and live ignorantly than appreciate that our parents and grandparent... ... middle of paper ... ...men and women are treated for their sexual interest it’s because of the components of their scripts. Men’s script emphasizes sex over intimacy where as women’s scripts emphasizes feelings over sex. As all ways men are held in higher regards then women because they are masculine and courageous whereas women are thought to be damsel in distress and emotional. I believe this goes back to the old days when women were to stay at home and keep the house and children up while men provided for his family. I feel people haven’t realized that times have changed and women can do anything a man can even have sexual feeling without being a slut. If people would stop letting scripts rule how we view men and women it would stop affecting our identity it would let us show our true selves without being afraid of being labeled something we’re not by doing something unexpected.
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